Linyi teachers corporal punishment children butt is opened flower net friend nu ask what is the teacher’s ethics

June 24, 2016, recently, some netizens said, shandong linyi the corporal punishment student teacher, children is pumped ass off the skin.Posts after exposure, caused the local education bureau.It is understood that involved teachers have been suspended the investigation.Linyi teachers corporal punishment student, 22, a netizen has, third experiment primary school class three, grade three teacher in charge of yinan county, li corporal punishment.The time for the morning of June 12, but li because students did not take grading papers, with teaching lever to let the students on the desks aspirant governor of beating time.Learned, beaten classmate say hit about one hundred, has been in the school treatment for 10 days.Because of being beaten, child’s bottom appeared desquamate phenomenon.After the incident, he can be her teacher in the school teacher conference public review and apologize to the corporal punishment student and parents, reasonable fees, such as compensation of medical treatment cost put forward by the injured party and the ethics of unqualified and other penalties.Yinan county education sports bureau to the party, can the teacher make a stop work under investigation.Source: rugao business information network