Hunan province inspection team to investigate and punish the PP one-time drink cup production company

Understands from hunan province pledges inspect bureau’s website, in order to ensure product safety during New Year’s day, Spring Festival in 2015, the hunan province pledges inspect bureau organized the “meet section will protect peaceful harmony” special law enforcement actions.In January 2015, hunan province quality supervision system for important industrial products, the province’s holiday consumer products and special equipment safety in the centralized law enforcement inspection.On February 2, the provincial audit team law enforcement personnel in changsha sheng jing plastic products co., LTD has carried on the preliminary MoPai, test results show that the product is unqualified.Law enforcement officials to buy the two specifications of the company production of PP one-time drink cup (economical and thickening type), hunan produce goods quality supervision and inspection institute of detection, the company product weight and volume deviation is unqualified.Load-bearing performance belongs to the one-time drink cup use key performance indicators, according to the national standards for plastic disposable tableware, disposable plastic cup must bearing 3 kg highly rate at room temperature is less than 5%.The company production of disposable plastic cups, are directly under the bearing 3 kg collapse, such products in the food or by hand clenched easy deformation, high heat food (with) a spill, consumers may scald.Secondly the company unlicensed production.PP one-time drink cup belongs to food packaging containers, is food related products production license issuing catalogue products.The company in February 2013, the production license expires has not replacement, also not to apply for food related products production license.According to article 19 of the “food production license management method”, “not the expiry of the replacement, as without a license”.In addition, the company production of primitive conditions, only two small-scale production workshop, the company on the product packaging marked “high temperature sterilization, health good peace of mind”, but the actual factory no disinfection equipment and testing equipment.Law enforcement personnel on-site seized PP one-time drink cup 350 (2000 \/ a), the amount of 17750 yuan.Because the company belongs to the unlicensed production, law enforcement officers have the product all the sealed, and follow the procedures for inventory product sampling inspection.One-time drink cup is ordinary families during the Spring Festival is the most common consumer goods, hunan province pledges inspect bureau warn broad customer, when buying the goods, had better be in normal in the supermarket to buy, when the choose and buy, in addition to view related tags, QS logo, etc, to observe whether appearance smooth level off, thickness is even, without impurities.The tableware on the light see first, if there is uneven film of dust particles, do not have to buy.In addition, don’t buy taste heavy plastic tableware.(hunan province pledges inspect bureau)