Guangdong jiangmen entry inspection and quarantine bureau intercept fetus gender test agent

The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Recently, the guangdong jiangmen high-tech zone to do the inspection and quarantine cross-border electricity regulators with customs inspection personnel to check the postal Courier service co., LTD. Jiangmen city inspection a batch of imported parts, intercepts the fetus gender test agent.The express mail is from Australia, declare the goods as the test bar, is actually a fetal sexing kit 1 set, including the needle, plastic cups, testing each a reaction tube, paper boxes, and contain English instruction manual.From English instruction, the reagent is a kind of used to determine the sex of their fetus in pregnant women early detection reagent, is a kind of using human hormones and reagent reaction produce different results to display the pregnant women in vivo of the sex of the baby in vitro diagnostic reagent, and belongs to the special goods.Through to express the recipient the weekend in Shanghai, the recipient said don’t want to fill do formalities for examination and approval, and volunteer to give up the goods.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Mail and use this kind of special goods without authorization in violation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on population and family planning law “the regulation on administration of entry and exit health quarantine on special goods (aqsiq 160 order) and the national health and family planning commission, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, general administration of customs and other 14 departments jointly issued the” on strengthening blow control blood behavior of fetal sex appraisal notice.Quarantine inspectors determine this batch of special goods is unqualified, and issue a notice of the inspection and quarantine treatment, make the destroyed.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;(Liu Yilin) “China times”