With a rope tied to the glass

The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Has been more than 10 days ago, but the one with a rope cup still shaking in front of my eyes.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Two months ago, has suffered from a cold, not carefully symptoms only one: cough.I have visited three hospitals, saw three experts, the different medicine, however, is the persistent cough.Very helpless, reminiscent of the prestigious “tongrentang”.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;December 31, I came to the numerous patients lucky — Beijing tongrentang drugstore in dashilan.Line up on the ground floor to register, line up to see the doctor prescribe, lined up on the second floor\/payment get medicine.There were too many to show, different accents, different dress, there is even a blonde patients.See that tongrentang power in the eyes of people.Standing in the old shop with a history of hundreds of years, also did not take medicine, I seem to have felt my cough began to ease.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Pay YaoKuan, I was told that after one and a half hours to get medicine.Their side of the hall there is a row seat is designed to take medicine.Sit down, I began to look around, and at the same time feel dry throat, at this time, also, I’m glad to see in the corner of the hall there are a large KaiShuiTong for customers.Walk past, but, left see right to see, see after, before I can’t find a disposable cup.But lay in the side of the barrel with a rope tied to a plastic cup.Is it use this cup to drink water?No, certainly not!In the patients with place, tongrentang how can let everybody share a cup.Of course I won’t believe it.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;I went to the on duty security staff in the middle of the hall and “excuse me, how can I drink some water?””The cup!”He pointed to the cup tied only to tell me.I’m surprised I don’t know what to say.Maybe the security guard said casually.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;I went to take medicine of the counter asked staff are busy.”Excuse me, is that the water in the bucket to drink?””Yes!”A female comrade answered.”How do you drink?”I asked.”The cup!”She also pointed to the tethered cup only.”Why not disposable cups?I asked.”This, you have to ask our leadership.”Show she was busy go to, the day to catch 3000 to pay for medicine!They are busy.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;I can’t use that cup.But then I saw a foreign customers children pick up water in the cup to drink.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;I came to the responsible for complaint tongrentang service office, two female comrade attitude is very enthusiastic.To my question, their answer is that they are using at the beginning of is, indeed, disposable cups, for being always away, so we use now this only with a rope all common glass.With a rope is the cup, people don’t go, save a lot of paper cups.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Patients Shared a cup, as the drink down water could “take” some terrible things invisible to the naked eye.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;That day, after two hours I didn’t take the medicine.The & # 160;The & # 160;The & # 160;Now, my cough is ease many, but the thought of the cup, my throat is still empty.I don’t know, that only with a rope is the glass still there?