Home exhibits first numerical control vertical is all-purpose grinder

Tianjin the vertical of 2MKM95315 numerical control that limited company of the 2nd machine tool innovates independently is all-purpose grinder appears first at was on September 23, 2008 on China International bearing and special device exhibition.
This product serves at bearing industry, wind report slewing ring industry, gear industry. The product is the oldest 3600mm of treatment external diameter, radial of all-purpose wheelhead main shaft is jumpy ≤ 0.003mm; Fixed position precision: ± 0.01mm, repeat 0.005mm of ± of fixed position precision. Have tall stiffness, tall stability, high-power, nicety, wait for a characteristic.
The 2nd machine tool of Tianjin city limited company is company of production of Tianjin and even stress of industry of countrywide machine tool. Market production, scientific research, sale is an organic whole, have 80 one’s remaining years to produce the history of production machine tool. The company changed successfully 2004 make, on original product base, the success is developed and production gives the grinding machine of vertical of large numerical control that has domestic advanced level. This series product already got broad user approbate.
2 machine person meets the day be service of each industry client with brand-new appearance, with ” target prep above everything, everything is all possible ” concept, develop enterprising ceaselessly on line of the products and product quality, make Tianjin with all one’s strength 2 machine are famous brand.