When can machine tool enterprise just build him ” is avenger allied ” ?

Recently, " infinite war of avenger alliance 3· " unusually hot on the net, as free power filmgoer, the author also is in go for a short while the cinema watched this movie. The friend that is familiar with this film should know, ” avenger is allied ” it is to be being overflowed power on foundation of other hero film derive the film, those who tell about is to be when the crisis that faces world destruction, the heroes that are battle severally originally in commander of divine aegis bureau Nick · nots of luck call together below, in all drive foreign enemy, save the story of the world.

The author likes the place of this film most, it is its understanding to collaboration. In the film, no matter how heroic oneself is powerful, also can have the problem that cannot solve, but unite when them, can have boundless power. The author can’ts help associating to machine tool industry. Industry of our country machine tool expands relatively weak power, also contact between the enterprise inattentive. Present Chinese enterprise, resembling is to overflow power the hero in, the bosom puts “ to march toward high-grade, the high end that help strength makes the earnest wish of ” , but individual strength not quite powerful. The author thinks, machine tool enterprise people urgent need resembles overflowing power the hero in rises jointly in that way, comprise ” of oneself “ avenger alliance, ability breaks the difficult position that the industry expands.

Current, the expression with the directest trade of our country machine tool is big and not strong. And the cause that causes it, grow time besides oneself shorter, be restricted again all the time by foreign technology beyond, the author thinks, between the enterprise not solidarity, distrust, uncooperative also have very big concern. Wait e.g. construction of brand of consciousness of copyright of blind competition, lack, lack, benign to the industry progress came into being impact.

Say the blind competition problem of machine tool enterprise first. At present product of our country machine tool is centered at in low end, because industry measure is numerous, technical level is uneven, in the market lesser circumstance falls, a lot of enterprises begin to make price war, the price that closes market rule in order to not agree with sells a product. “ is on the market you fall we fall ” , result price is done rotted, the product pledges quantitative change was differred, everybody does not say without gain money, return the fame of card of home made product bad.

Lacking copyright consciousness also is the common fault in machine tool enterprise. In low end the reality of competitive cruelty falls, many enterprises begin own innovation road, with period gain the market with the technology. These enterprises threw many time, money to make research and development, did not think of to be done not have, be forced get have no way out by ” of mountain fastness of one caboodle “ however. This is the true thing in the industry, some enterprise expends many financing research and development those who have own intellectual property is new article, did not think of to had not relied on its gain, walked up to make false way. Although imitation is imperfect on quality, but the price is low, hold the market very quickly. The company loss that produces research and development high research cost does not say, the cost that makes a holiday is returned so that he assumes.

Say to lack the issue that the brand builds again finally. Inside the industry of Chinese machine tool that its implementation is in, of lack is not manufacturing company, however oneself brand. And build to the brand, the author feels OK to set out from two respects, on one hand, enterprise oneself is done big, do strong oneself product, establish good brand image; to want to have cooperative consciousness on the other hand, build collective brand image. Small look forward to of industry of machine tool of combinative our country is numerous, distributing relatively centralized circumstance, making regional brand is very feasible. The “ China small-sized ‘ of the annulus that be like jade only special machine tool of ’ of essence of life produces base ” to be able to be regarded is regional collective brand, and the public praise benefit that this kind of collective brand brings to local enterprise is remarkable. Now, enterprise of our country machine tool still is deficient in quite in the collaboration of this respect, individual actual strength is not worth together with, form competitive advantage very hard on the brand.

Actually, if machine tool industry of China can unite, hold a group in the arms to warm oneself, afore-mentioned phenomena can get ameliorative. If cartel rises, build favorable market competition order jointly, ; of competition of low of keep within limits undertakes cooperative like the company that has complementary sex again, technology of joint research and development, make the same score booth cost, share achievement; to be like enterprise of homebred machine tool again, the machine tool company that has concern of ground predestined relationship especially holds round development in the arms, make regional brand wait a moment.

” avenger is allied ” in even needs the heroes that can save the world alone solidarity cooperates, the company of Chinese machine tool that should not say development is in weak power position originally more. One flower of “ is put alone is not spring, let a hundred flowers blossom Chun Manyuan ” . The author thinks, can enter in all hand in hand when machine tool enterprise, when conspiring to develop, the spring of homebred machine tool came.

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