To what direction will machine tool of prospective our country develop? 3 keywords are decoded!

Arrived 13 days on April 9, 2018, exhibition of machine tool of numerical control of the 10th China (CCMT2018) reads extensively in Shanghai new international the center is held. Exhibit during the meeting, association of Japanese machine tool held JIMTOF news briefing. On the news briefing village of meal of chairman of association of Japanese machine tool industry Is hope association of machine tool industry of unripe, Japan only 10 bolus Yong Er and international of company limited Tokyo show Wu governor central delegate trustee holds president Shi Yuanqing concurrently second published an address respectively. Among them, the author of a few views that develops about the industry thinks to have referenced value very much.

Japan makes big country as world-famous machine tool, no matter be on technical level or workmanship,be on world front row. Since in “ China production 2025” strategy is carried out, japan regards China as important commerce associate, the both sides connection in machine tool domain is increasingly close. Must want to admit, japan is a forerunner on machine tool technology, its are worth our country to the enterprise is drawn lessons from and learn very much in experience of developmental of machine tool industry. If be on JIMTOF news briefing, favour of village of meal of chairman of association of Japanese machine tool industry gives birth to the introduction about Japanese item on display, the trend that machine tool technology develops was reflected on certain level.

Meal village favour gives birth to a gentleman to emphasize particularly on the news briefing, hope everybody pays close attention to (enterprise of Japanese machine tool) the brought product that uses content couplet network actively and technology. Unripe to favour of this meal village gentleman cited 3 case: 1, be based on high speed, high accuracy, tall function, intelligence of the equipment;2 that has network coupling technology, intelligence technology, union makes equipment and automation and unmanned technology, the intelligence that realizes efficient production makes;3, above two kinds of intelligence are united in wedlock together, actor or actress chemical plant is produced.

The author thinks, the net of couplet of content of 3 trends —— that this paragraph of word communicated machine tool technology to develop to us, intelligence is changed and automation production. Current, our country machine tool still is in in these 3 respects start level. So next, our country enterprise considers to go up in the machine tool, can from proceed with of these 3 respects.

It is the application of technologies of pair of content couplet net above all. At present industry of our country machine tool just changes road to go up to be broken through somewhat in numerical control, but want to rise further efficiency and reduce cost, need technology of content couplet net. The I5 intelligence machine tool of Shenyang machine tool is the exploration of technologies of pair of content couplet net. The author thinks, the use meeting of technology of content couplet net brings the possibility of overtake to industry of our country machine tool, but need attention, the high-end machine tool that technology of content couplet net needs to be based on ” of “ high accuracy, efficient, tall function. Although general accuracy machine tool uses technology of content couplet net, the sense is not great still for qualitative to carrying synergism.

It is intelligence is changed next. The performance that machine tool intelligence turns has a lot of, the use that is like pair of craft software, it is the ability that communicates with the person, OK to have undertake machining navigation, right working environment perception and compensation, intelligence is safeguarded etc. The machine tool tends intelligence is changed more, its produce a process to be met simple, this also is the tendency that all production industries grow. At present machine tool industry does what must have compared to have in this respect Demaji, big river bend etc. These companies possess solid technical inside information, what go on the way that makes in intelligence is further also. Our country also has the attempt of this respect, if the 5 axes horizontal of Dalian division heart is compound machining center, big a group of things with common features the numerical control of laser cuts a canal machine tool of chicken of machine, treasure and China in high speed getting studies the intelligence that numerical control cooperates central HSC-430 deployed professional craft and production to support software. The ZH5480 Long Menxi of heavy-duty machine tool gets Wuhan the high speed of VF1290A dragon door that essence of Tian Rui of machining center, peaceful wave is versed in is high finish machining center, the perception that all has pair of cutting force change and from adaptive control function. These are the intelligent technology application on the machine tool. And the development that our country machine tool changes road to go up in intelligence is not quite thorough still, technical level is relatively defective also, there still is very large development space whole.

HSC-430i automation is unit

Finally is automation production. The “ that the author thinks meal village favour gives birth to a gentleman to communicate above two kinds of intelligence are united in wedlock together, optimizing a factory to produce ” is to point to unmanned factory actually, perhaps can saying is intelligent factory. At present level of development of our country manufacturing industry thinks large-scale build intelligent factory difficulty taller, but of equipment of automation of devoted use part or likelihood. The suiting that so enterprise of our country machine tool needs to rise to be produced to automation ability, increase the use of automation equipment in the production of oneself on one hand. On the other hand, need to enhance the cooperate ability of the automation equipment such as machine tool and robot, offer richer automation solution for downstream enterprise.

In recent years, development of our country production industry is driving, it is the rise of new field of the representing with electric car especially, for industry of our country machine tool development brought opportunity. But we also need to notice, the generation of new technology also raised taller requirement to the function of the machine tool. The machine tool changes development to network, intelligence, it is to get used to new manufacturing requirement substantially. What Japan goes on the way that the machine tool develops is further, their development process has fair referenced value to industry of our country machine tool. “ stands in the ” on the shoulder of giant, company of machine tool of hope our country can go further on the base that in derive his country expands experience.

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